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we provide all types of air coolers and mist fans for daily and monthly rental for all of your events in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and all UAE for enquiries:  or call: 00971501112250 Get A Perfect Portable air Cooler That Suits Your Need High humidity and warm weather can really make work and outdoor life generally  difficult and uncomfortable, while you having a portable evaporative desert air cooler therefore can go a long way in regulating the high temperatures living you with favorable condition. The portable outdoor air coolers are very efficient in regulating the restaurant, warehouse, factory restaurant outdoor area or house patio temperatures effectively provided you are capable of identifying one with the right features that suits your needs. There are many portable air coolers out in the market and so it’s important to check out  and look out for what can suitably meet with your needs. Portable patio air coolers are very easy to work with because it can be easily moved from one place to another due to its portable design. There is also no installation cost involved, you just pick and air cooler dubai plug once you are done you unplug and carry it with you. Patio heaters Rentals: We offer Patio heaters rentals as well within Dubai and abu Dhabi
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