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Tec-B111 mobile air cooler Power 380W Voltage/Frequency:220-240V/50HZ  Airflow:8000m³/h            fan blade "52 cm Noise:53/58/63dB(A)  Effective area:50-70m²       Water capacity:60L Water consumption:4-6(L/H) N.W:32KGS Dimension:89*49*140cm
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Tec-C111 mobile air cooler Power380W Voltage/Frequency:220-240V/50HZ Airflow:8000m³/h            fan blade "52 cm Noise:53/58/63dB(A)  Effective area:50-70m²       Water capacity:60L Water consumption:4-6(L/H) N.W:35KGS Dimension:86*48*130cm
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TEC-113 Mobile air cooler Power:440W Voltage/Frequency: 220-240V/50HZ Airflow:12000m³/h           Noise:54/58/63dB(A)       Effective area:100-150m² Water capacity:70L Water consumption:8-10(L/H) N.W:43KGS Dimension:92.5*58*144cm
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Tec-B110 industrial air cooler Power:550W Voltage/Frequency:220-240V/50HZ  Airflow:18000m³/h           Noise:55/64/68dB(A)       Effective area:100-200m²   Fan blade "76 cm     Water capacity:90L Water consumption:10-15(L/H) N.W:59KGS Dimension:112*70*152cm 
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Tec-A-110-3 ind-air cooler Heavy Duty Power:1100W Voltage/Frequency:220-240V/50HZ  Airflow:23500m³/h Noise:60/66/70dB(A)               Effective area:200-250m²                           Water capacity:96L                       Water consumption:15-20(L/H) N./G.W:70/78.5KGS Dimension:113*72*156cm
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Evaporative Air coolers: We Provide high quality and heavy duty air coolers ,outdoor cooling unite and indoor cooling unite: Features: -          big airflow, -          Powerful Axial fan  -          Low noise  -          Nice designed : LCD + remote control -          plastic body( non-recycled materials) so the resistance of the temperature changes for the           plastic will be very strong  -          Temperature display, -          Highest efficiency natural cooling by water evaporation,  -          High efficiency  cellulous cooling pad,  (no need to change before three years) -          120 degree left to right auto swing. -          One year warrantee
TEC-ZX112A INDUSTRIAL MOVABLE TYPE Power1.1KW Voltage/Frequency:220-240V/50HZ  Airflow:18000m³/h          fan blade "48.5cm Noise:53/58/63dB(A)   Effective area:100-120m²       Water capacity:45L Water consumption:40L/H) N.W:58 KGS Dimension:1100*1100*980mm
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